Boyfriend says "I'm out of your league"... "I'm not good enough for you"?

We had a hude arguemnt last night. He was stressed all day and I could tell he was acting weird. We were waiting for our food to be ready and we started joking, but soon later the jokes turned hurtful. He thought he was saying a joke saying, "youre worthless", "I'm honestly getting so sick of you". I was laughing thinking it was just a sick joke. The car ride was silent and we got home and he shut the door right before I walked into the house and was walking all around the house and soon after walked outside for twenty minutes and was acting so strange. He came back in and told me he was just angry and stressed for no reason and I said "I really hoped you were joking at the restaurant" he didn't say anything and I started bursting out crying and he stormed out. I later went to go find out hat was wrong and he said he was letting his anger on me and he didn't mean those things. He kept apoligizing and he told me he comes from an alocholic family with a background in anger. I have never seen him truly cry over something and he started crying because he felt so bad for saying those things when he didn't even mean them. He told me sometimes he gets upset because I'm "out of his league" because my parents have good jobs and money, I go to a private school and I'm a model. I think he is beautiful though. He has all the feautures and personality traites I want in a guy and I always tell him how special he is to me and how I never want to lose him. I don't know how to make him more confident and bypass the hurtful things he said to me, regardless of him not meaning what he said. How do I mentally bypass this? We have been bickering and disagreeing a lot lately and I am having a hard time in this cycle of the relationship. He thinks it's abusive but it isn't. He just has a problem with not having a filter on what he is saying in the moment and I know he made a mistake, we all do.


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  • obviously he has low confidence... which is a bad thing... doubt those people could believe they r valuable :-/


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  • Do a lot of guys try it on with you? Do people ever say ''Gosh, how have you pulled her'' to him?
    I dated a girl everyone fancied and someone actually said 'omg, how have you pulled her?' it actually hurt me and made me feel useless (I had sex on her bed and got my revenge though!!),
    Anyway, you should ask him what's making him feel like that; communication keeps the relationship strong.


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  • you two should take a little break and have some space.


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