I dont know where to go, or what to do from here?

My girlfriend left me for an old boyfriend. Cheated on me, and left me. I'm destroyed. My life has gone downhill, and i honestly dont know what to do with myself. My family sees it, my friends see it., even she herself knows it. She knows how badely i want her, and she loves it. Its pathetic how shit my life has become over a girl. She doesn't even care about me in any sort of way, and here i am wasting my life away. She happily goes home to a guy every night, and im just here all alone. This is not what i deserve. I never thought i would ever feel so terrible in my life. I've gone through this bullshit for months now.

I literally dont want to live anymore. I'm not suicidal, but i feel like life is pointless now.


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  • What you need to do is cleanse yourself. Go to an ocean or lake dunk yourself in the water and shake yourself off and get back out there. You're better than that man. Don't let one stupid bish ruin you. She loves that, she loves seeing you sulk.
    Forget her. I know it's tough to just move on but this to shall pass. You need a goal. You need a good habit to pick up. Focus on you, and only you. Do what you want to do the most. Take this and learn from it. Do well for yourself. Become a better man the one you're supposed to be. I would invite you to get involved in the gym go for a run. Focus on becoming the strongest version of yourself. In the words of Elliott Hulse. Do you man.

    • I try everything man. She was my first love, and i can't fathom how someone can cause so much destruction on someones life, just to leave and never look back. She doesn't deserve to be with someone. she's a piece of shit, but i love her. I hate it. I wish it would just go away. Is it normal to do this over a woman? We were together for almost a year.

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    • If your emotions become worse, don't be afraid to talk to someone. As guys a lot of times were brought up to hide our emotions. Even now this day in age when we are constantly preached to about equality and speaking out. Society seems to still think you're a coward as a male if you say "Hey, I need some help".
      Don't be afraid to ask for help. Call a friend, mother, father, sibling. I've seen good men hurt them selves really bad over a girl and even become suicidal. Don't be afraid. Call someon! Be better than society. Be better for yourself.

    • Thanks for the comfort man. I wish i can get to the stage of the "banging spree" I dont feel like i'll ever find someone else. I really dont think i'll be banging every woman either lol. I'm so stuck on her man its pretty pathetic. Like i said, i'll never kill myself. But life is so meaningless now without her, i literally dont know what to do..

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  • You will get over it. You just need more time and proper distractions.


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  • if i was u i'd stop thinkin bout her, coz it doesn't deserve being destroyed by her :-)

    and no... life's never ointless bro 8)

    • Nope, always full of oint. That's something you can count on!

  • Aw man I'm so sorry my girlfriend broke up with me two weeks ago I miss her so much and I love her it's hurting me so badly all I want is her it's such a horrible feeling I know how you feel and my mum and dad have noticed something that's changed about me I know I'm a stranger but I'll talk to you if you need anyone don't do anything stupid it's not worth it show her that your more than she thinks show her you can become a better man without her prove the bitch wrong and stand up and think I'm worth more than this


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