I don't understand this guy at all, maybe you will? Is he interested or not?

Well I've been talking to this guy, we met through a mutual friend. We both found eachother cute so our friend hooked us up and we exchanged numbers. We've texted a lot to find things out about each other. I'm a junior and he's a senior in High School but we rarely see each other. I know he's very popular and well known by everyone. We hung out Friday night for the first time, we didn't have anything to do so we walked around our town. He was pretty talkative but at the same time I could tell he was kind of nervous, I know he's much louder then that when he's with his friends and he barely looked me in the eye. We went back to my house and we sat on my couch and watched TV, neither of us made a move besides a hug goodbye when he left. I thought he would probably not be intersted in me after that even though we had pretty funny conversations, but then he texted me the next day saying he had a lot of fun and we should hang out Sunday (today). Sunday came, and he texted me late saying he forgot we were supposed to hang out today and that we shoud hang out sometime this week. I don't know, I can't tell if he's interested or not, and if he wasn't why keep stringing me along?


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  • honestly this is just so hard to tell... i can't tell becaue it's so confusing so it isn't just you

  • i dont think he's really that interested.


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