How Do I get a guy to ask me to prom?

Prom for me at least is nearing, and I still don't have a date, all my friends have had boyfriends for months, and so of course are going with them, and I could of had a boyfriend, but the guy who asked me out, I didn't really care about, and so said now, and now I have no date, and at this point I don't even care what guy asks me, I just REALLY don't want to go alone, this is the last school dance I have before college...

and I've never been much of a dancer... or really gone to the dances before, I've gone a couple times, but it's never been my scene, and I just know that if I don't go I'll regret it forever


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  • you could ask a guy..
    A girl asked me to prom.

    • I can't

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    • yeah I really wish we could too haha. but seriously Prom doesn't have to be a romantic date night either it could be just a fun night with a guy friend or whomever

    • Thats true... I'll probably just ask my bff... he's a male type person :"D

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  • You should ask someone!


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