Not sure if this girl is interested in me or not?

I went out with this woman a couple of weeks ago (just met her recently) we went hiking and we were getting to know each other and when i dropped her off and i got home i realised she forgot her sealed tissue in my car. She also mentioned her ex boyfriend as well just what it was like dating him she asked about my ex but i did't say too much.

I phoned her two days later asking her if she wants to go out again, she said she would like to and that she is all mine for that day, she also wanted to see me before but i declined because i was busy.

When the day came for our second "date" I gave her, her tissues back and she said I must leave it in the car just in case any other girls need to use it. As we were on our way to the place i was gana take her she asked me when was the last time we saw each other i said two weeks i guess. I took her bowling and to the movies, when we started bowling we did it bare feet she said i must'nt judge her feet because its the nail polish is rubbed off a bit, I just started laughing.

She brought up her ex boyfriend again and said that he phoned her to say he misses her and wanted to know if anyone new was in her life, she said no, no one new is in her life, he asked her to meet up for drinks, she admitted that she was tempted to but didn't and just told him thanks for the call. I admit it was a turn off when she talks about her ex and that My guard went up when she told me that.

As we were sitting down waiting our turn for bowling she kicked my feet for no reason and when we were watching the movie she poked me? I dropped her off and she left her business card in my car (I already have her number) and a flash drive she uses for work she also left in my car. She asked me to let her know when i get home. So I did. She messaged me:

Thanks so much for tonight, it was really fun.

So i don't know if this girl is interested in me or not.


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  • Don't waste your time. She's still hooked up on her ex. At the end of the day it's you that will be hurt.

  • I think she is!


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