Why can't I like or find anyone interesting anymore as I did my ex?

And it's been a year but he hurt me bad
Lol I just think your funny (: but i think you're joking right lol well sorry but I like guys but friends why not (:


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  • I'm Interesting, try me out ;)

    • MHO this fast? wow! Does that mean you're gonna take me up on my offer? ;)

    • Looks like you found yourself a knew friend!

      "Girlsaskguys: introducing people to each other since 2000 something"

    • @renees_xoxo hehe thanks. I'll leave it open for you to interpret. But once you get to know me, you'll learn that I'm down for anything :*

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  • Well your looks definitely aren't the problem because you're gorgeous. Anyway, some people take a long time to heal but I'm sure you will find a great guy eventuall.

  • Well that's the thing about exes when we fall we fall hard and sometimes in our mind it's hard for other people to stack up to our memories of our beloveds. Of course your ex may just simply have been a very interesting man in the world I guess you should just explore and try to find people similar to him in terms of how interesting they are.

    ( a little humor )

  • You will find many candidates here. 😂😁😂


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