I wanna skip past the BS and find out if this girl likes me or not is this a go way to ask her out?

tomorrow i was gonna text her dont make any plans this weekend and know her curiousty she's gonna ask why and i was gonna call her up about going on a date with me and if she's down. she likes the balls apprach but i dont see her and phone is the only way i can talk to her


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  • "I want to skip past the BS so here's my elaborate texting plan"

    Kudos for the creativity but be honest with yourself! XD Personally, I wouldn't like that approach because it's very presumptive. Just text like "Hey such and such movie is out. Do you want to go out for a movie date this weekend?"

    • really? so calling her is out of the question i kinda have a feeling she likes me too, kinda nervous about doing this but isn't asking a girl over a text a bad idea i know this girl straight forward type lol

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    • Sounds like it!

    • sweet haha now excuse me while i find something to calm my nerves

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  • Just ask her out, what do you have to lose really?

    • i could lose her lmao

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