She said maybe next week? What is my next move?

I called and ask a girl out over a phone call. She was nervously laughing and going ummm (I'm assuming thinking). She said sorry I can't this week, maybe next week. She then explained her schedule to me and said sorry again. Was this a way to let me down? The only good thing I got was when I called her she didn't answer but called me back very quickly.

I would like to add I see her during the week. She is working and not lying about that. She is also single. I know that for a fact as well as she brought it up in one of our previous conversations.


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  • She knows you're interested. She says maybe next week, so you try asking her next week.

    If she says no again, move on. The ball's in her court.


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  • Wait till next week then

  • Ask her out for next week

    • Does that sound like a no though?

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    • What if I just asked her out last night? Shouldn't I wait a little longer?

    • Maybe until this afternoon. But not longer

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  • Its def a positive sign that she called you back but her hesitation for answering with the "ummm" and laughing is cause for concern. I'm a firm believer (and it's worked for me in the past) to ask a girl out for a specific day/time initially... if she can't do that day/time then it's up to her to counter-offer. Since she didn't counter but obviously has a set schedule that has no time for you then I feel she's letting you down easy. Girls make time for guys they want to see badly enough. The ball is in her court now... let her contact you... if she wants to hang out she will contact you... if not she won't

    • Haha thank you. I really thought she was interested. We are both always teasing each other. She playfully hits me a lot. She even mentioned she was single to me (she brought it up not me). She also demanded I add her on snapchat and took my phone out my hand and did it. This is why I am confused. I thought all of these were good signs but when stuff like this happens I get confused. And she always texted me back super quick as well.

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    • I am so sorry man I picked the wrong one. I thought I clicked on yours

    • This is good advice, especially about going for a specific time. The way I usually go for is to ask what her schedule is like for that week... and then pick one of the days that she's free to ask her out.

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