It is objective:cute girl is ignored more than average girl?

I ask how is it posible that one girl who is considered really cute and pretty by men and women, stays singe longer, much longer that average girl.
I think it means that girl is not that cute? what if i say that cute girl is a black cute girl.
it explains everything, right? average white girl has more opportunities with men that cute or very pretty black girl.
black girl, by default considered ugly even if it's objective she's pretty?
(case:personality, behavior, etc- all these things are equal to an average white girl, or even better)


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  • Maybe English isn't your first language, but if it is you need to work on your grammar.

    No, maybe this person just thinks she's cuter than she actually is, and drives guys away because she's full of herself.

    • no its not my first language... what a point.

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  • Everyone has their good and bad qualities I don't think race plays a roll in it tho. Maybe culturally but that's about it


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  • Cute girls seem unattainable to many. So they don't even try.

    It's been scientifically proven by the people behind the OkCupid dating site:

  • Not really, guys are more shy to ask pretty girls fear of rejection. It's more likely for white person be in a relationship as white people are the most of the population. Black girls are less common because they are one of the minorities.


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