Is there potential for something more after this sort of casual thing? Does he like me?

I have been hooking up with my best friends brother for the last 5 months. We did go out on a few dates, but I was away at school, so our relationship was just really casual and we would basically just hook up when we partied or when we saw eachother. But now Im back in town and Im living with his sister so I see him all the time, since he lives ten minutes away. I have started to get feelings for him and I do like him. I want to stop being friends with benefits with him because I dont want to continue hooking up and getting hurt in the end. To be honest I'm not even sure what's going on between us because we haven't talked about what we are or anything like that. Im not sure how he feels about me... I want him to take me more seriously but I don't know what to do since we have already slept together:( But I have stopped sleeping with him but he always iniatates kissing me when were drinking or even just when were alone hanging out.. does he like me? Whats he thinking?


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  • He wants to be FWB's and that's all. Little sister's friends are not potential girlfriends, they're just potential fun.


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  • He will only see you as his pocket slut. Sorry doll

    • So should I just stop evrything between us? at this point thats would be best I think, to stop kissing him, and talking to him

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