Girl is wondering why I won't ask her out. should I tell her im anxious or would that make me weak?

really is into me, she dosent know why i won't ask her out
  • tell her, id want to know why
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  • dont tell her, if its a no its a no.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If she asked you out would you be anxious and say no or would you say yes?

    If you know she likes you you can't be anxious about the asking is it the actual spending time with her you're anxious about?

    Like by the time a person is talking about you asking them out you both know you like each other so what is it you're nervous - about?

    Also don't see why she just doesn't do it herself if she's talking about it she should do it.

    Would you say yes? Would you still be nervous?

    What are you anxious about?

    • I'd definitely want to know.

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    • I asked bc that's EXACTLY how I felt. Like to a T wow:) anyhow it gets better. Do you think she'd hold it against you if there were silences or do you just not like the idea of it personally. I al out didn't get into a relationship with my now fiancĂ©' bc if that. Not worth it to let worry get in the way:)

      Do you think this is something you need more time to adjust to or this is it it won't get better or worse without doing something?

      You guys should do something physically interactive so you can't talk too much but you'll get used to being alone with her and your body will relax over time. Also movies are good if you're shy bc you are not allowed to talk during then you've got two bites to relax plus something available to talk about after without having to come up with a topic. I know when I'm shy I can't think though movies are cliche they get the job done:)

      Let me know if you wanna talk about it more just message me. It'd be a shame to miss out:)

    • And if it's going to be a while def tell her so she knows you're intersted plus if she's the right girl for you she'll be u understanding amd helpful. Def tell her:)

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't get it, if you can admit to her that you want ask her out how is any harder to just ask her out instead? Surely it's confessing that you like her that's difficult, telling you want to ask her out still shows her that you like her - so how would that be easier than just asking her out?

    If you can't bring yourself to ask her out but can some how manage to explain that you want to, then do that. I don't understand how you can be anxious about it though if you know she wants you to ask her out.

    • people confuse the two. its understanding. I am not really afraid to ask her out. im anxious about going on a date with her. because im afraid we won't have anything to talk about and we will run into awkward silences and then I will panic more. we get along good together but there are moments where we have nothing to say to each other. but its not that we arnt compatible its just shyness I think. but when this happens I can just say talk to you later. but on a date I can't just leave. im afraid to sit in a awkward silence and blow it with her.

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What Girls Said 3

  • 110% tell her. She'll know your honest and a good communicator.

  • Tell her! She'll probably think it's cute. :)

  • You should tell her.


What Guys Said 3

  • Just ask her out and deal with the anxiety later.

    When on our death bed it's not things we do in life that we regret. It's the things we don't do that will haunt us.

    Take this from someone who battles anxiety as well. Don't let it control you. Put yourself in situations.

    Ask her out, chances are it won't be so bad ;).

  • I'm sorry man but you sound like a huge pussy. If she is wondering why you haven't asked her out then she clearly likes you and if you like her back then there is no reason why you shouldn't have already asked her out.

  • Don't tell her, just ask her out if you find her attractive, lol. It is perceived risk versus reward.


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