If a good looking guy kept being persistent with you after you rejected him on a date would you consider it to be harassment?

If you are single and straight and a guy you thought was good looking asked you on a date and you told him you don't want to go out with him but he kept on asking you out and wouldn't leave you alone would you consider it to be harassment just like a guy you thought was average or below average looking did the exact same thing to you after you told him no to a date?
The question isn't difficult ladies. I am sure there were good looking guys you have had no interest in going with. What if he kept on asking you out after you told him no and you wouldn't leave you the hell alone?
Why lack of responses ladies?


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  • yes its harassment because if i reject you and you ignore what i told you and keep asking then you are harassing me. usually good looking guys dont have to do that, they just move on to the next though. thats probably why ladies aren't responding as much because we know in real life its not typically the attractive guys who do that, but the less attractive ones.

    tip: the best way to get rid of a thirsty guy is to act like a gold digger and straight up ask him for a large sum of money that you know he can't or won't give. like one guy kept trying to get with me and then i just straight up asked him to pay my rent. lol never heard from him again

    • @pr3ttybrown what do you think of the good looking guys that do, do that? The ones that get their ego hurt, or the ones that think the women are playing a game and thus keep asking them?

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  • Yes that is absolutely harassment. Looks have nothing to do with it.

    • @sjoes006 do you think most other women that were in the exact situation that I described would consider it harassment as well?

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    • Okay, again, I can't speak for other women but I can speak for myself. If I have to draw from my personal experiences I'd say the good looking man felt like more of a threat to my safety. Those few instances with 'good looking' men were the encounters that got scary and resulted in either my boss or best guy friend confronting him. It is a blow to their ego and will escalate the situation.

      Most less than average men can barely conjur up the first attempt, yet alone persistence.

      No means no. You're thinking like a man not a woman. We dont find this type of behavior welcomed. Persistent in welcomed attention falls in line with stalking.

      Men are flattered, women are afraid. End of story.

    • @sjoe006 sorry.

  • I wouldn't consider it harassment, but I would get annoyed and tell him to get lost.

    • @emerald77 would you ''not'' consider it harassment if it was a non good looking guy doing the same thing?

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    • @emerald77 I am glad that at least you aren't a hypocrite and I am glad you wouldn't consider it harassment either if a guy you thought was average or below average looking did the exact same thing.

    • @emerald77 oh wait, I reread your response and I am not sure you understood what I meant. What I was asking is if you would consider it harassment if a guy that you didn't was good looking kept on asking you on a date after you told him no already?

  • Honesty if we feel even the tinest bit attracted to him then no not really, if anything we would be flattered knowing a cute guy REALLY wanted us. But like I said depends on if she abit attracted.

    • Didn't you even read all of additional details? What if you felt flattered but he kept asking you out after you told him no because you have no interest in going with him? He kept on asking you out and wouldn't leave you the hell alone and you keep on telling him no, and he still wouldn't you alone. You are being annoyed by him a lot, and he keeps on bothering you. You are tired of him not leaving you alone. Would you consider it to be harassment?

    • @Anonymous I am referring to a good looking that you know is a jerk and because of that you have no interest in going with him. He asks you out, You reject him. He keeps on asking you out though.

    • So you liked every single good looking that you have ever known?

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