Polite way to let her know I don't want to be her boyfriend?

So i propositioned a girl, I thought I came across as just wanting sex but there seems to be a communication error and she seems to want to go out and do stuff, I'm concerned that she wants me to be her boyfriend but she has kids and I don't want kids. I want to let her know I'm looking for something casual with her and I do think she's girlfriend material but I can't be that guy for her and if she's no longer interested that's fine we can be friends, no harm no foul. I've never done anything like this before so I don't know how to react. Help please!
by the way I'm completely okay with doing stuff with her besides sex, I just want to make sure she knows a relationship is off the table.
Please I need advice and I need it ASAP


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  • I would just remind her that you don't want to get too close to her because you don't want to hurt her.

    If she asks why--just tell her you aren't at a point in your life (and won't be for YEARS) where you want a relationship.

    Probably not go out a lot with her and keep it just sex would help. She would get the picture

    • I already resolved this question but I couldn't update it any more. Thank you though for answering. I talked with her and she was open to keeping things casual and uncommitted so long as we occasionally do something together.

    • oh okay lol well happy to see that :) laters

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  • Just be honest about exactly what you want. Be sure to let her know you had no intention of hurting her and that it was just miscommunication. 100% honesty is always best as long as your polite about it.


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  • Just say let's keep it casual and see how it goes and be honest about it. I dont think she'll mind that.

    • She suggested that we should meet up and do something, I'm thinking about saying something like 'Yeah that's fine with me, but while we're on the topic I wanted to let you know I'm hoping to keep this kinda casual because you have kids and I don't want that. If that's something you aren't cool with then I understand and I hope there's no hard feelings' Does that sound good? Be brutal.

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    • I don't understand why I shouldn't mention the kids thing, it's the only reason I don't have any interest in dating her and I also feel like it's the only thing that keeps me from sounding like a sleeze who was just interested in getting in her pants.

    • Can you elaborate please the clock is ticking and I do eventually have to text her back.

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  • "sorry but u r not my type"

    guess this is the politest way :-)

    • But then how would I explain how I propositioned her for sex like a few days ago?

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    • oh well... say u were drunk at the moment... and u didn't know wot u said

      is this ok?

    • I propositioned her in person and I don't drink but I resolved the question yesterday

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