Should I ask this guy out or move on?

I started seeing this guy who I met off a dating app beginning of April. We texted almost every day and hung out three times, twice a week once. Things moved pretty fast, but I felt as if it was coming from both ends (we were both comfortable moving fast) however we never had an official talk. We ended up hooking up after 2 weeks of knowing each other, which is pretty fast, but like I said, it was a mutual thing.

He went on a trip for a week where he snapchatted me the whole time (he was out of the country). We hung out a couple days after he got back, but we were in a group of people. I actually started to like this guy, but I noticed things were kinda fading after we hung out.

Weeks later, he still snaps me pretty often on Snapchat. When I text him, he replies almost instantly or within the hour. He hasn't tried to make plans with me though, which he did before. So that's a red flag. But he still keeps in contact with me, so he must have some interest still? He is also very busy with school.

I'd like to see him again though, but I don't want to seem desperate or too into him. There's this event friends of mine are going to. I thought about texting him and seeing if he'd want to go. This would be the first time either of us have initiated meeting up in 2 weeks.

Should I just invite him as I have nothing to lose or forget about him? Does him staying in contact mean much, or is he just trying to be polite and not ignore me?

Update: I text first a lot now, but usually like once a week or not even.. I guess I'm confused because I'm used to guys just stop talking to me. I don't get why he still answers.


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  • Something tells me, he's just acting like a young guy in college typically acts... Here's the thing...
    Sex makes women feel closer, expect more and overthink our actions... For men, it doesn't change much... Emotions come from spending time, dating... Relaxing with each other... Nothing is emphasized or changed because we had sex other than the new reality where, we've had sex now!

    What I'm saying - is he acting more distant than before you had sex? If so, call him out and be direct...
    If not, be subtle but direct and ask where he wants things to go...


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  • I would invite him. You really have nothing to lose at this point. He hasn't tried seeing you at all, which could be because of school.. However, people can always make time for someone. No excuse will ever be good enough. So I would invite him. Also, you guys are still on good terms, so even if a relationship doesn't come out of it, maybe a friendship will. Its only been two weeks since you have seen each other but you are always in contact. So to him, it probably doesn't seem like that big of a deal. He probably just has a lot going on and isn't really thinking outside the box. So, I would invite him to your little thing and based off his reaction is where I would make my decision. If he says yes, then keep it going. If he makes an excuse as to why he can't go, then I personally would move on from the idea of a relationship and start looking else where. But remember, it is possible that this guy could really just simply be busy. Have you tried discussing your feelings for each other? If not, I would, eventually. Just so you know if you are on the same page.


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  • "Weeks later, he still snaps me pretty often on Snapchat. When I text him, he replies almost instantly or within the hour"<--- do u text him first always?


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