If I plan on asking girls out and looking for a relationship is it a bad idea to become closer with female friends?

If she is beautiful will my future girlfriend be jealous. Also what if my future girlfriend doesn't like dancing would it weird to go with my friend. I would never cheat and my friend would never be into me or I into her. Can you have close female friends when having a girlfriend?


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  • you still can.

    • That's good I like hanging out with her she's cool😎

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  • I don't think men and women can be close friends at all. They either end up having sex, and/or there is inherent jealousy.

    • Well I'm not jealous. We went out dancing and she was grinding on some dude which didn't bother me at all. And I highly doubt she would get jealous. There is like a.00000001% chance she'd ever be into me.

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  • not bad... actually guys with female friends, tend 2 b nicer most of times :-)


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