Why do guys play these games?

The whole

-Don't text her first

-Only put a smile when she puts a smile

-I must end the convo before she does.

Why do guys do that? what does it mean? what's the point?


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  • There is a reason for it

    Its because a guy has to show value or we aren't successful

    Guys do it to show that , they are occupied with other things, and he's not just some loser with nothing to do other that to sit arond texting and talking on the phone.

    When he hangs up first he is showing that he doesn't neccessarily need to be talking to you, even though he might want to stay on the line.

    If a guy always texts the girl, always calls first and doesn't get off the line before she gets bored of him its not going to be favorable to him.

    Guys don't do it for no reason. They do it because they've tried doing it the normal way a few times and it wasn't working and these small games do work.

    You may not like it. You may say you don't care about games. You may say that you won't respond to these kind of techniques. But it doesn't matter what a girl says she wants because doing what she wants doesn't get you the girl in the end. Being successful in building attraction by showing higher value is all that matters.

    Theres a lot more stuff we do.

    This baby stuff like texting and telephone rules are just the tip of the iceberg.


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  • Why do you assume guys are playing games? Guys communicate differently than girls. I know both my sons lose interest in long conversations with girls long before the girls do. That would explain why they want to end the conversation before you do.

    You should do some research on male communication. I also recommend the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". Male and female brains are different, and work differently.

  • are you saying that guys do those 3 things? or that they SHOULD do those things? I can't tell.


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