Still Friends or what now?

So I'm in a bit of a pickle...

Met this girl last year online. We met a few times maybe 3-4 times. Things seemed to go well in terms of us just flowing and geling well.

In the end, I told her I wanted to push for more.. I don't know if she got the wrong message or what. But I never heard from her, so I decided to drop her and move on.

Now about 6-7 months later on my birthday she send me a message on FB. She says she wants to catch up... I thought maybe this was a chance to see if anything changes.

I met her and we had a fun time catching up and talking. I swear, it was as if we took it from where we left off... nothing had changed. She felt the same way too.. we just gel so well together.

So I ask her out for another event and we spend half of the day this weekend together. We had dinner, where our convo's got intense.

I asked her if she was single, she basically said she feels like she doesn't want a relationship right now.
I then told her how I can read her so well. So she said read me... I basically told her how she felt at different parts of the day.

She looked at me smiled and said.. wow.. you're spot on. She held her hand under her chin, looked into my eyes and stared with a smile. I felt like she was actually thinking of us, I mean I kept throwing hints out at her.

In the end, she paid for dinner and our cab home.
I haven't texted her back yet, even though she texted me to see if I made it home.

I feel so confused right now. I think she sees me as a friend now. What do I do? Do I just tell her how I feel? I've dated a lot the past 2 months, and I could find NO woman that I just feel so comfortable with.

But with her... it's like everything is calm and cool. She can understand and appreciate my sarcastic dry humour. And even throws some right back at me. I guess for once I feel so lost... It's like I want to tell her, but I feel she made it clear she wants to stay single even though she can see that we would be perfect together.


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  • Awesome work finding someone you jell with that well...
    Keep your options open atm, let her play her hand first this time, good luck mate

    • well.. I think she kinda of has put it in my court. She left me a text and I haven't replied in over a day now. She's also the type that would never say much in terms of a relationship. She believes the "man" should be the one to approach or move relationships any further.

    • Well go for it than, it's obviously what you want... best of luck

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  • Maybe you should continue dating other girls and see how things go with her. So are you dating anyone right now or were you just dating before she contacted you?

    • I am dating other girls still... but I just feel it's so perfect with her. I mean we meet up, we can even have dead silences... and it's perfectly fine. We both just smile, it's like we are very comfortable with each other.

      And, no I wasn't dating anyone before her or anytime recent. I've just been meeting lot's of women, but no one that just gels with me. Most women seem to care about money or other things. This girl... I can see she has an amazing heart.

      I guess I don't now if I should just be honest with her and tell her.

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