Any chance he is into me?

For 4 years I've worked at a mall, and there's this one security guy who i have noticed for 4 years, always thought he was cute but nothing more, than last year i changed my job but still remained at the same mall.
I work at a optical store now, and he is a customer there, he buys lenses. He came by once last summer and was like "i have seen you somewhere before" and i explained how i used to work in a clothing store but i changed my job.

But ever since we have said hi to eachother and we have small talked whenever he came to the store, he asked me if i work there often and if i study and what i study etc.. i took it as flirting.
Than one time in like January i met him on the buss we were both going to work and we talked on the buss and sat next to eachother, it was cute.
Than again we just said hi whenever we were at work. Last Saturday i saw him and i smiled and said hi and than on Monday i saw him again when i was going to turn in my keys.. and that day i added him on facebook.. thinking ok why did i do this i am so lame.. and i wrote him the same night and we talked a bit it was cute..
But i stalked his facebook and he isn't in a relationship but i scrolled down previous years and saw he had a girlfriend who tagged him in a lot of updates , writing i love you etc so im like okay are they still dating?

Than on Saturday he came by and picked up his lenses and talked to me and was very cute, and asked me what i was doing for the norwegian holiday and he told me was going to be at work and didn't have any special plans and he even like 2 picture updates of me..
SOOOO am i just wishful thinking or is there any chance he is into me?


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  • i believe he was just being friendly and nothing more judgin by da last paragraph :-)


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  • He's interested. He might only want friendship, but chances are high that he wants more.

    • How do you know he is interested?

    • Would you research a topic you weren't interested in? He asked you more about yourself, and what you'd be doing on a holiday. He's interested.

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  • If you like him then ask him if we would like to have a coffee with you.


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  • No I think he does like you. Ask him to some coffee of something. That'll tell you more if he says sure. Then he pays it's a date

    • Why do you think he likes me?

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    • I just think what if he has a girlfriend xD

    • Say to him. Ur funny bet Ur girlfriend does too. That way he can either say no no girl. And he'd know he's not been Suttle. Also he might realize your trying to find out so he needs to stop being around the bush and ask you out.

  • Maybe yes but I can tell one thing for sure that you do love him.

    • I dont love him but im interested

    • Love begins that way only and we are afraid to admit it initially.

  • Well he could like you, why don't you hang out and get to know him more? If you like him too Mabye be a little flirty and see how he reacts? Just little experiments to test his feelings

    • I dont want to be the one asking to hang out.. ugh i just wish for once a guy could ask me out in person and for it not to be tinder or online dating :p

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