How to be relaxed and not overthink about guys/dating etc?

I overthink so much it's crazy, if ruins everything. I'm a naturally easy going person but when I like someone I overthink too much and it makes me the opposite- insecure and not chill at all.
Even when my intentions are simple I often overthink and so something I wouldn't usually- then afterwards I'm like ugh that was ridiculous, just chill.
Maybe I have control issues - obviously you can't control other people's feelings or actions.
Anyone have any tips on how to relax more? The first step is realising I need to, and i want to but it's easier said than done :(


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  • just when it happens realize what you are doing like just stop focus on just that and think to yourself this is stupid then just think about relaxing think some happy thoughts it helps


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  • To be honest, I am not sure whether it is possible to stop over-thinking, unless you are occupied with other things/activities/people.


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  • focus on yer job/studies/hobbies i guess?

    • Yeah I try to remind myself of priorities but I'm easily distracted haha

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