Strikingly good-looking people, what is your first impression of them? Big poll?

We all are probably familiar with the prejudices or stereotypse associated with way above average looknig people, may they be male or female.

How would you categorize them at the first glance without knowing anything about them?
  • He / She is arrogant as hell
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  • He / She is probably stupid
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  • He / She is successful
    Vote C
  • He / She is wealthy
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  • He / She is unapproachable
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  • He / She will fool me anyway when it comes to a relationship
    Vote F
  • He / She has lots of friends
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Of course I'm NOT referring to famous celebrities , I'm talking about people you come across in every day life but who are in the examples' league. Those do exist and are out there.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I usually assume they are successful and popular. Of course personality plays a part too, but looks grant an immediate advantage.

    I don't assume they are bad people. I can't actually remember coming across anyone really good-looking who was. That has more been the semi-goodlooking people.

    • You tell me I'm great-looking, and many others do that too, but I was never popular

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    • Aw, thank you ! ;D

    • Fo' real :)

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What Girls Said 5

  • Boys:unapproachable
    Girls:probably stupid.
    I know this is not cool, but come on! At least I'm being honest. xD

    • What if the guy doesn't behave conceitedly? :O

    • *juding by your first impression though

    • I still think he's out of my league. Let's face it, I'm average looking. I don't think there are many good looking guys that would be interested in me. It's just a fact. :)

  • None of the above. If a person has particularly symmetrical features it doesn't tell you anything about their life or personality. It just means they're pretty.

    • true, you seem to belong to the few people who don't judge based on appearance

  • Unapproachable. Somehow they just seem so out of reach and unattainable that I would be put off approaching them as it seems unrealistic for them to want someone not as attractive as them

    • Seems like extreme beauty is rather off putting than attractive... in both genders.

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    • Everyone has their insecurities but if they are that good-looking i'm sure they don't think they're ugly. I mean, I'm not amazing and have insecurities but I know I'm not ugly

    • I agree. I think unapproachable also.

  • 'She's so beautiful. He's so handsome.' That's all.

  • no clue I normally just think well they're attractive and then move on


What Guys Said 5

  • In my experience, good looking people are actually very nice, most of the time anyway. It makes sense; being nice and looking good have the same cause; a good upbringing by clever parents which implies good hygene

  • I always wonder the statistical probability of natural beauty whenever i see a strikingly beautiful person.

    Not much more.. Lol
    I don't feel intimidated or impressed... Not nervous or anxious either.. Maybe I shutdown to humble people... I don't know... But I'm always like... Just, whatevs... eh

    I doubt that I would ever have a noticeable reaction to anyone's beauty... If that person exists, I have yet to see them...

    I think it may have helped that I was raised by extraordinarily pretty women that didn't take themselves too seriously...

  • To think they are arrogant or stupid would be ignorant. I guess I just think they take care in how they look, something I don't do.

  • I think they're probably wealthy that's my first thought...

  • good genes 8)


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