Why do guys get annoyed when a girl is bitchy, yet he's the one who instigated it?

Example: a man can make a comment for a girl to smile. No girl wants to hear that. Some will get mad or annoyed. Then the guy gets annoyed when the girl is mad. Another thing is a guy who will tell a girl to open up. How her personality is so closed off from everyone. Why is it their business?


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  • Because men always want to blame everything on women.

    • Dude, it's annoying. I don't need to walk around with a smile on my face. If I did that constantly that would be weird. Just because I don't smile doesn't mean I'm not happy. It's so annoying. It gets even more annoying when men tell me to be social hahaha
      They're basically saying please give me a chance and don't deny me

    • I totally get you!

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  • then she's btchy for some reason actually ;)


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