Some friends of mine were teasing my girlfriend and apparently it's my fault lol?

I had some friends round last night before we went out. My girlfriend was joking with them (I'm not sure exactly how the conversation went, something she said and wouldn't appoligise) but one of my friends sat on top of her and tickled her belly. She still wouldn't appoligise so I said tickle her hips and you'll get whatever you want. She was laughing along, then I said but watch she's viscious. So another friend had her arms pinned and he tickled her some more. When I came home later on she freaked out at me saying I should have taken her side because it wasn't fair that she was forced to appoligise. I told her you don't give what you can't take and now she's really pissed. I don't see what the big deal is it was all a joke to begin with she's just not happy because she was defeated. She's so stubborn it's unreal. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one in a relationship with a huffy pants!! Haha


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  • She probably felt that she wasn't being respected. They're your friends which means that she probably feels a bit awks around them as she wants them to like her for you. Hence the joking around. But it sounds like you should have told them to stop, makes her feel like its you and your mates against her even though I'm sure that's not what it actually was. x

    • It was nothing to do with respect. She doesn't like being defeated, she likes being in control of the situation and having the upper hand. I always get her pinned and tickle her hips when she's being stubborn and not giving in and it's fine cause it's just the two of us, she just didn't like looking like the weaker one with an audience. But it was her own fault for joking around in the first place

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  • The big deal? I mean. Your girlfriend get tickled, as in touched in a pleasurable way that makes her feel out of control. By a guy. That's not you. That you encouraged.

    Well, of course she's gonna be mad at you.

    • I don't think that's a reason to be mad, she shouldn't have been joking around with them in the first place if she couldn't take them joking back with her.

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  • I agree with ya, you got yourself a huffy pants


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  • it's yer fault bro sorry... she's not a doll to treat her like that... please don't do it again 8)

    • Technically she shouldn't have been joking around with them if she couldn't handle them joking around with her. However I have given her a big kiss, appoligised and of course forced her to accept my apology cause she didn't at first hahaha

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