When he says its bad timing?

is that a lie? he's really busy right now and there are important things in his life. he told me that and said he was still open to playing it by ear.

i wasl ike ok, and then was liek WTF im not your convenient go to girl, where im going to wait, and be treated differently than i want to be.

anyway, we know the same people, so i wrote a nice very calm email explaing all that but in nice terms. he just wrote back, its all good, jsut a case of bad timing...

is that such a thing?

do i just drop it? it seems like a dead end.

oh i erased him off of FB and told him to fuck off in a very nice way. lol. that way i dont have to duck behind mailboxes if i bumped into him.


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  • People seldom say what the real issues are. In my experience, bad timing amounts to "I want to stay loose with you while I see what else I can get." Just one man's opinion.

    ~James Smith

    • i can see that, its the SECOND date though. who cares, we're not doing anything. i think he is actually busy, truly busy... im not asking for a commitment. thats ridiculous.

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  • You should probably drop it.


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  • oh well... i doubt he's lying, since he says he's busy... anyway i believe u will learn better once he's not busy anymore :)

    • lol i erased him off of fb and told him to fuck off in a really really nice way and it wasn't up to my standards. he wrote back its alright, just a case of bad timing,

  • Keep doing it until he gets tired of you. Once he gets tied of you he will leave on his own. Just kidding, yeah you should leave.

    • we haven't even done anything yet. we went on one date and he can't figure out his schedule to set up a second one in advance. ? unless you're a CIA agent, or superman you should have some idea.

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    • Maybe he really is busy, work comes before girls... just saying

    • i can see how he is super busy, i do believe him to a degree. but who wants to be put on the back burner constantly? i dont even know what to say to him. "its all good, its bad timing."

  • Ummm well it could be just bad timing bad Like he said because sometimes it really is. I would just go by your gut.
    I've just gone through a similar experience and you are totally right that you shouldn't be someone's go to girl and be treated different to how you want.
    There are guys out there that will treat you how you want so it's down to you wether you want to find out if this guy is like that or if he is just going to pick you up and drop you when he feels like it. I hope it's the first one :)


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