When he says its bad timing?

is that a lie? he's really busy right now and there are important things in his life. he told me that and said he was still open to playing it by ear.

i wasl ike ok, and then was liek WTF im not your convenient go to girl, where im going to wait, and be treated differently than i want to be.

anyway, we know the same people, so i wrote a nice very calm email explaing all that but in nice terms. he just wrote back, its all good, jsut a case of bad timing...

is that such a thing?

do i just drop it? it seems like a dead end.

+1 y
oh i erased him off of FB and told him to fuck off in a very nice way. lol. that way i dont have to duck behind mailboxes if i bumped into him.
When he says its bad timing?
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