What kind of man do you think would be more shallow when it comes to a girls looks?

  • A good looking man
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  • A wealthy/famous man
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  • A wealthy man. Just as this applies to women, good looks in a man will fade away with time. But, assuming he's smart, a rich man will only get richer. So his value, not just financially speaking but as a person too, will exponentially increase while a person who only has good looks will continously lose their value.

    Is that a mean way of looking at things? Yeah probably. Sociopathic? Possibly. But it's reality.

  • We are all shallow. We want at least a decent looking girl.

    Anything that is like merked we'll pass.

    If she has a good body and an okay face, she'll pass too.

    I speak for all men.

    • i wish i could edit my post.

      If she has a good body and an okay face, we'll take her*****

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    • That was an error. I corrected that part.

      I meant to say if she has a good body and a decent face we'll still be attracted to her.

    • I know I saw your edit in the comment

  • A good looking man could be wealthy/famous and a wealthy/famous man could be good looking. Thee are both who are shallow and those who are not

  • I think a good looking man because they are social and get loads of attention. A wealthy man is rich but some are very unhappy.

    @Nathand answer is good too.

  • any man...

    you're stereotyping.

    • Lmao not every man is
      Some men have ugly ass girlfriends

    • ok... well that's their issue, not mine.

  • i1127.photobucket.com/.../...f.com-gif-maker_3.gif A wealthy/famous man since unlike the plain ole good looking guy he has money = more girls to choose from so he can be picky with it.

    Ya know like girls do everyday as in casting their fishing rods to see if we bite, then throw back all of the ones they don't need or don't like *shrugs*


What Girls Said 2

  • Probably a famous one.

  • My boyfriend is hot, and I'm not exactly what people would consider attractive