Please can I get Opinions on whether this girl likes me and should I ask her out on a date?

Since I have been talking to this girl regualrly on facebook who i met on a online dating site she has being updating her profile pic every day nearly and I have complimented her on her singing videos so I noticed when we talk she uploads one of her youtube videos each time. when before she left it 4 months at a time between videos and 2 weeks for every profile pics.

We me on a online dating site where she said i came on too strong, but a week later she acepted my friend request on facebook and we talk frequentlly and she isn't one of those girls that adds everyone. She did delete her profile on pof but still talks to me on facebook and is still single.

I think she likes me as why would she spending time to talk to me on a site that has all her personal info and remember things I have said to her for example asking how my bbq/party went, my thinking is she likes me but i came on too strong earlier, so now i have backed off a bit she still likes me.

I mean she hasn't blocked me and why else would you talk to someone you met on a dating site if their was no intrest as on her dating profile she was looking for a relationship?

Then a couple hours after we stopped talking she posted on her wall Bizzare how things can change over night.

Do you reckon she is waiting for me to ask her out, which i do want to do I just want to wait a bit as i don't want to come on too strong again as I really like her?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You should ask her out!

    • okay so you think theirs a good chance then?

    • Dude no effense but when you say "so you think theirs a good chance then?" Makes you sound unsure that you even want to just go for it dude with all your confidence you have ask her out and if you bail out and get scared you should have to do 50 push-ups.

Most Helpful Guy

  • bro... 8)

    please don't ask this continuously otherwise people here might assume u are trolling... i'm saying this as some friendly advice, no offence :)

    anyway she likes u... i already told u ;)

    • last one I promise I just wanted to get a lot more opinions and my previous one wasn't getting any

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  • You don't need permission to ask someone out on a date. Stop being a pussy and just fucking do it.

    • i'm not asking for permission was just getting advice that's all as I came on too stronge before so didn't want to do that again thanks for the colourful choice of words

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