Girls find me really attractive but I can't get one to stick around?

I guess you could say I'm blessed with really good looks. I'm in college. I play baseball. I play guitar and sing well. Girls find all these things really attractive. If I wanted to just hook up, it'd be pretty easy. I know because I've done it. But I don't like it. It's almost like girls make me out in their head to be some incredible guy, and I'm actually just pretty normal. The last relationship I was in, my
girlfriend broke up with me about 4 months in, and I found out later she cheated on me with her ex about a week before we broke up.
Why do you think this keeps happening? Tons of initial interest, but girls never want to stay with me. Is it just how college girls are?


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  • Hard to say, you can't just reel them in by being pretty and hope that's enough, you have to be a boyfriend not just have a girlfriend if you you know what I mean.


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  • Well the girls seem to really have that initial attraction, but looks aren't everything. They probably made u out to be this awesome guy in their head and then u fell short. U can always improve urself so thats what i would aim for. But I wouldn't worry too much cos our age group tends to hav a bit of fun and not get into serious relationships until later in life. Another possibility and please take this as positive criticism is that she may not hav been sexually satisifed. Sometimes if a girl isn't having good sex she might seek elsewhere such as her ex. Hope this helps a little.


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  • Maybe it's your personality?


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