Why would a non boyfriend act this way?

The first time he (let's call him j) got mad we were outside smoking and this random guy was checking me out. The guy I was smoking with said what's up to him in a serious voice. They didn't even know each other. The guy never replied and walked away angry. Then he continued talking to me and looking at me like he needed to say something, but hesitated. He also always just grills other men in general if they look at me. When he is near me he will walk even closer to me, but random men look at me. Also I was once talking to my guy friend (let's call him E) and man J would always look angry when he walked by. then J walked over with the most serious face and the other guy ended up just walking away.
Whenever I would talk to J he would just look more calm.

This has happened to many times before with other men. I will be with a man and another man will look at me and men will say hi to him. I don't get it.
And no they are never my boyfriend. I don't get why SOME men act this way


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  • They act this way because while they are you friend, they secretly want to be your boyfriend. They think if they hang around you enough it will just happen.

    Getting made at others guys talking to/looking at you is a insecurity issue.


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  • maybe those men staring at u are jealous when u are near this guy?

    • Why would the men that stare at me be jealous when in with the guy?

    • I'm ***

    • "lucky bastard"... they think

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  • they like you?


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