Guys, why do you date a bartender?

curiosity... my ex boyfriend of 7 years who introduced me to his family member and he used to protect me from everything , and get jealous on eberything even he used to love me wearing classy clothe , not short stuff ( he left his ex girlfriend because she used to wear trashy stuff to get attention ), he hate to take me clubbing or post anypicture of us on social media.. he used to tell me iam special and not like any girl he knew in everything
we left eaach other 6 months ago.. and now i realised he is in a relation with a Bartender , she is ottaly the opposite of me in everything ! and he used to say he hates a girl with heavy makeup , wo smokes , drink everyday wear short stuff and she has all the things he hates he now posts pictures with her everywheere and she have a lot of pictures with a lot of boys arround her he does not mind... what do you think did he lie to me? why do guys think about dating a bartender? is he really in love with her? in 2 months
plus i was not an easy girl i made him beg to get his first kiss and in 2 months i think he got everything from her.. why is he treating her like he did to me

i know its not a shameful job but why is he dating the opposite of what he like


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  • Well, men are like that. They go for what is available. That you were hard to get speaks well of you. This also gives you a LOT more value to a man. Keep seeing your value. Don't worry about an old boyfriend. Keep being anything but easy.

    To tell the truth most men would mess around with the neighbors cat if they could catch it... they aren't picky.


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  • he just likes her.

    • why he never posted a picture of us on social media but he did with her everywhere... and it been only 1 month in a relation

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