Feeling wary normal?

So recently I went on my first date (ever) with a guy, it was about 2 weeks ago. We hung out a couple times since then, and now he's calling me his girlfriend.

One, is it normal for him just to assume that since we went on a date that we are boyfriend/girlfriend? Because I don't really consider him my boyfriend, we're just dating...

Two, I feel really wary that he's telling people that I'm his girlfriend. We are still in high school, and I don't really want this spread around. This is my first relationship (he's had 3 before me) and this just seems really fast even though we have hung out a lot.


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  • If I did that I wouldn't really mind if you were to tell me to say we're dating instead of boyfriend/girlfriend. So I don't think he'll freak out about it =3.


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  • i don;t think you are his girlfriend.

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