Was my boyfriend talking to those girls or trying to get at somebody else?

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years on and off recently he had broke up with me because of my crazy possessive Ways I didn't let him have any friends that were girls and I always controlled who he talked to. One day he got fed up and broke up with me he didn't want to get back with me and Annette meantime we were broken up for One day he got fed up and broke up with me he didn't want to get back with me For a month during that time he had a hell of friends that were girls and he started adding them on Instagram and basically doing everything I told him before a month past and we talked again he told me The only thing that is stopping him from getting back with me is me being jealous and possessive I lied and said I changed and I said I would let him continue to be friends with those girls but now he talks to them and hangs out with them at school along with some guys I met one of the girls and the others want to meet me but they know I'm crazy I have had a girl who texted me and said I was lucky he got back with me and that and that my boyfriend was blind enough and chose me and for some reason he always loved me and that I need to stop being insecure and treat him right I got all these wake up calls but j think he liked someone else or tried to get at those girls I don't know what to do he knows I haven't changed and still stays because he says he loves me to death is he cheating on me or inert rested in someone else?


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  • I think that the problem here is that you don't trust him enough. If he's back with you I don't think he's cheating, if he accepted getting back with you knowing about your possessive ways I don't think he's cheating. Just try to trust him a little more and give him more space, there's nothing wrong with what he's doing.

    • One of those girls I met texted him when he skipped school to be with me he didn't tell them I guess he lied and she texted him and said " I don't a appreciate you ignoring us when your with your girlfriend we wet worried about you " and I got mad thinking wtf you doing to make her all like that and he said nothing

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    • So he doesn't text her a lot they have class together but that's it he doesn't seem like he wants to talk about her a lot she's really white and like the only thing was that we were talking about girls dying their hair blonde and he mentioned it was look good on her because she's white and I was like wtf

    • It was just a comment, I don't think he'd have said this if he were cheating, it'd clearly be too suspicious.

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  • The more control you try to have over someone the more they will pull towards the opposite direction (and do the things you dislike).
    Have trust in your man.
    Have security within yourself.

    If your whole self esteem is based off of whether he has female friends or not then you are setting yourself up for a relationship disaster.
    you need trust and self esteem for a healthy relationship.


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  • is he just talkig and hanging out... or he's flirting with those gals as well? :)

    • I don't know for sure he's a friendly guy everybody likes him the hell thats why I liked him

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  • He's cheating on you...

    • Omg. shut, up.
      Don't make this poor girl go even more mad!
      Love. He's not cheating on you.
      You need, to seriously evaluate, your relationship and work on your trust issues.

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