Is it possible to go from a casual hooking up relationship to something more serious?

In the very begining we did go out on a few dates because I was home for the holidays (one week). He he asked me out and was super persitent and we had an awesome, fun time. But since the begining we have been far from one another since I was away at school. Now Im back in town, 10 minutes from him. I have really started to like him. He told me that he thinks I'm a cool girl to hangout with and that we hit it off when I asked him what he thinks of me. Ever since I got back we've always been hanging out with a group of friends (He's my bestfriends brother and Im currenlty living with her) and haven't really gotten any alone time. I would say our realtionship is super casual since I was gone and we'd only see eachother 2 or three times a month, so we would basically just hook up when we partied or when we saw eachother. I have stopped sleeping with him for the past two months (because I have feelings for him and don't want to be just Fuck Buddies and I dont want to get hurt) but he always iniatates kissing me when were drinking or even just when were alone hanging out. But when we're in a group of people he doesn't show anything towards me uneless he's been drinking, and he also gets shy, quite and awkward with me and avoids eye contact when were in a group of people.. He'll usually wait until he has me alone then he'll kiss me. I do want something more than just hooking up.. Is it possible? suggestions how?


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  • It's possible, but i wouldn't chance it with a guy who is ashamed of you. But it could be that he's jusy shy. Your female intuition will tell you which, if it hasn't already ;)


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