Does the No Contact rule work?

So I've been on no contact with my ex for a month and in the second week he messaged me and was like "Wtf, not talking" and I didn't say anything back. Do you think hell come back, I did it so he could calm down and think about how he was treating me?


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  • First of all, I think u r really brave for being able to do that. Fr me, the no contact rule didn't work, but that was because he realized he didn't like me as much as he thought he did. In yr case, he sounds annoyed, which obviously means he cares. He is probably just realizing how much he cares for you, since he contacted you first. Or he is angry that you are ignoring him because he thought you would stick to him and be Clingy or something. Either way, it means he still cares and there is hope. It really depends on the situation, but that is what I got from what u said. Good luck :)


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