In love with a man who happens to like men aswell... help me?

Tittle speaks for itself... we are really close friends, we have slept together and he has a boyfriend he is extremely unhappy with.


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  • so... his boyfriend is the problem here?

    • Im not sure if he is the problem or if the guy isn't into me

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    • winking, smiles those kinds of things... boys would typically do when attracted to someone

    • He always lights up when he sees me or tries to scare me lol

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  • So he is bisexual? If he likes you, he is unhappy with his boyfriend, then he needs to make a decision on what he wants.


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  • I don't understand what the issue is. He likes both men and women, yeah? Hit him with your feelings.

    • I tried that last year and it wasn't mutal and i dont want to get rejected again

    • Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You won't get him by sitting and pining on the internet, that's for damn sure.