So men dose it mean anything when you call a Girl Honey?

So men, does it mean anything if you call a girl honey?

Like attraction? or you like her? 😊


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  • I call a lot of women babe, or darling, or sweetheart. Normally for me it's just a kind way of acknowledging a woman I like in my life. That would apply for the word honey as well.

    • So I shouldn't read into it even we are having sex

    • I wish you had of elaborated on your original question! Right, so you are seeing this guy and he calls you honey during sex, that right? Means he thinks you are nice, I mean if he's having sex with you as well then what else can he mean?

    • Durning sexy he sometimes says babe.. But we just hanging out he kept calling me honeyc

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  • I usually do it to be patroniZing or when I'm talking to kids/my dog.


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