Hiw do I come into terms with being ugly?

Im pretty unattractive and people spew the word confidence a lot which is okay but its. Time to stop kidding ourself people care about looks a lot more than they let on. I honestly want to look great like one of those magazine models. While I can work on my body this takes years upon years.

I dont put others down because of their looks but I put myself down on them. I feel like I fail in life if Im not really attractive I tend to attract some really attractive girls somehow and I feel very uncomfortable uncomfortable with them since I dont feel good about my own looks. It really is a big problem and I justwont let off on having a great physique. I really can't do much about my face asides from keeping it clear but since I have an ugly face I at least want a killer body. But that just won't happen.

I wantto feel good about myself regardless of my looks but I dont know how
No one is really anwering my question. im not asking if Im ugly or not Im 100% I look like garbage I just want you to answer me how do I feel better about myself despite being ugly.


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  • Haha, your not ugly even if that's the best picture. You don't need to come to terms with it. Stop over thinking. You sound incredibly insecure about yourself and honestly who doesnt? With all these men on tv/magazines showing off their muscles and pretty-boy faces it's hard not to feel like your worthless... but you can't let your insecurities get the best of you! Now don't let me see another "Do you think I'm ugly?" or "Rate me out of 10?" question because your great the way you are. You just need to practice on building your confidence :😎 GOOD LUCK!

    • That does. t change the fact that they are better and that Im not I just ask myself why can't I look like that? Because honestly thats all I want I just want to be hot as hell

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    • Yes they are honestly thats just how it is better looking = better in general you could be a millionaire and be smart as hell and a hot model type guy is always going to be better off. Id rather look like channing tatum and be poor than to be bill gates to be honest

    • I'm so sad to hear that. Instead of being optimistic you choose to be jealous & hateful on yourself... I don't know what you want me to say.

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  • If that's you in your profile pic, you're cute, so stop worrying.

    • Im not looking for compliments and thats just a good picture Im asking how do I come to terms with being ugly stick to that please

  • Stop worrying, if that's you in your profile picture then you're not ugly. You could look a little older if you grew some stubble and with some confidence I'm sure you'd become a girl magnet.

  • Fishing for compliments is what makes you ugly.

    • Also not undertanding that im asking a serious question and not fishing for comiments make people retarded

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    • Sure thing, attentionwhore :D

    • What a massive bitch.

  • you're not ugly though.


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  • Nigga please

    You know the bitches be lovin you...

    • Nigga? Im pale as fuck xD and if they lovin me or not. has nothing to do with me lovin myself

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    • Well, getting picked on could be the problem, depending on how severe that was. But based on what you described, you're looks haven't hadicapped you. Your mentality has

    • I figured if I wasn't ugly I wouldn't have felt that way I guess genuine fear of being ridiculed or failing due to my looks

  • I'd start off by getting rid of those piercings. They make you look much worse in my opinion

  • I saw someone else likening your situation to girls who think they are fact despite not being fat. As far as I know, they actually SEE themselves as fat. They don't just "think" of themselves as fat. So I guess it would be useful for you to work on that part of it, somehow. Looking at yourself in the right way.

    Another thing is that the advice for talking to girls who think they're fat despite the reality of things is to simply not engage in the argument, because talking about it makes it worse. So maybe just focus on other things. Get rid of your mirror.

    • *fat not fact

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    • I see ypur point but if you ignkre problems it becomes depression if I ignore this Im sti always going to wanna be good looking and feel like I wasted my lofe anyway thats the thing

    • I see what you mean. Well then approach them with the mindset of: what can I do? rather than ruminating, maybe?

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