What did he mean by that?

I met a guy 2 months ago and I like him, I dont know if he likes me back though or is treating me only as a friend. Let say during hte time we met at some trip I had with my family, we talked 3 days one day more than others, the topic of conversations were random. It seems we hit it off. The day we spoke more, it was the day my sister was celebrating her birthday (cause it was a family trip and he was there due to this guy is one of my cousin best friend), he mingled with many family members and with me of course. That particular day we spoke like 3 hours of casual things and at some point in the conversation, he asked me about my love life what was my status, I answered his question and then we keep talking about relationships, he is divorced though and currently single. After the conversation and when it was time to say good bye to each other, we kissed first on the cheek with a hug and he told me "Thanks for the company" then when i was strying to pull away after the hug and cheek kiss he gave me another kiss on the mouth, that was totally unexpected and I did not see it coming.

I dont know if he did that because he liked me or all guys do that with girls when they meet a girl just like in 2 days I mean that quick. Then the next day that was the day we were returning home from the triip. We said each other good bye and hug each other again with a kiss on the cheek though, like normal good bye.
We exchanged phone numbers and ever since that day we met, we had been texting sparingly, randomly not everyday, it could be even one time each week, cause you know I dont want to come too strong to him or sound creepy or desesperate to get in touch with him again. Since the day we met we really had not gone out not even once but we had talked about hanging out at some point and we have been trying to setting up the get together for like 3 times but so far we haven't been able to do it.
for different reasons. I just dont want this time he postpone it again. He is not much lets say to initiate text conversations over the phone, Im always initiating the conversation but when I do he text me back and we keep a normal dialogue.
I just want to know first why he asked me about my love status so soon into talking with him the first time and then the kiss on the mouth that caught me by surprise.
Did he like me or he was just being a man by nature? He is in mid 40s and so do I.


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  • kiss on da cheek.. is a friendly gesture... not flirty :)

    • but you did not read the part when I said after the kiss on the cheek he kissed on my mouth right away and unepectadly for me

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    • Yes it was a quick but that was very unexpected to me he did it in the spur of the moment I guess or because he really waned to kiss me cause I thought with the hug and kiss on the cheek would have done to say good nite to each other and mostly becuase we barely now each other, I mean we spoke like 3 hrs earlier and we talked about many things and we seem we got along well. Not that Im complaining about the kiss but for me it was a total surprise. Im sensing that when we first met again for our first get together after 2 months he may or could do the same.

    • So I really do not know if thoare are subtle signs of something even the smallest thing of anything or nothing

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  • He's probably interested in you and he was testing waters.

    • Mmm I hope he is interested in me because I want that !! But im taking things slowly first as friends if we can then we have to see. In one of those texs we have done through the phone. When he told me the first time lets hang out and do something and that was like one week after we first met and we were back in town, and I answer sure we can hang out he asked me I believe in a teasing matter: Are we going to misbehave? Haha. Does that mean anything or he was just really teasing? Remeber he is divorced and 42 years old!! not a kid

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  • i think he's just confused


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