Can you actually believe there is a woman that is actually ok with going with me? Shocking isn't it?

I am shocked. I was talking to her on a dating website and she asked me out. I was thinking to myself''Wth?'' I was happy though. Shocking that a woman is actually ok with going on a date with me.


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  • I don't see why not? are you some kind of bad guy? or do you think that you are not so handsome? Well I don't know you but I will tell you this , You look fine to me and besides beauty is not so important , I guess she chatted with you and found you interesting and both of you have things in common therefore she chose to meet up and see if you could get to know each other more and maybe take things a step farther :) be yourself and stay positive


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  • Dude if Honey boo boos mom can get a boyfriend any person can get a date besides you might have great qualities that she likes in a guy so if she likes you why complain?


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  • It sounds like you have absolutely NO confidence so consider yourself lucky!

    • @isabel_96 no I don't have much confidence. I am just shocked since I have been rejected nonstop. It is awesome a woman asked me out.

    • Lol you should learn to love yourself first regardless of what others think. Everyone else will love you when you love yourself first!

    • @isabel_96 I wouldn't put it like that. A lot of people love me despite me not having much confidence in myself since I am a nice guy.

  • Im shocked too was she as ugly as you then


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