Is my guy friend into me?

I've known my guy friend since February . Since then I've noticed that he's always been extremely nice to me. After the first time I met him, he asked a mutual friend to tell me that I was invited to his birthday house party.
On my own birthday, he brought me a gift and spent a lot of money on me such as buying me shots and food. The same night he also put his head on my shoulder.

I went to his house together with another friend. I was talking about a date that I had been on and my guy friend seemed particular interested to know more about the guy. He kept asking me questions about who he was, whether I was going to see him again, why I would go for guy 9 years older than myself. We were talking about several things until 2 in the morning. The same night my friend also mentioned that he was single after his long term relationship ended.

I get a vibe from him that he might be into me but I'm not entirely sure as to whether he is. I have noticed that he gets quiet whenever another guy flirts or talks to me. He is always nice to me and goes out of his way whenever we are together. Does it sound like he might be interested in me?


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  • it sounds like he is interested. hang out with him some more and see where it goes =]

  • sounds like he is.


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