Going out with an old friend is that ok?

Hello, my old " friend " well we haven't talked much at all last year since he moved to oxford has asked me if i want to meet him in oxford to go do shisha or go to a cafe. The thing is i have a boyfriend is that loyal to do such a thing. I mean i have absolutely no interest in the guy i " would see" and dont find him attractive at all, so there's nothing between us... but at the same time id feel jealous if my boyfriend saw one of his old girl friend/s. Should i go or not? and should i tell my boyfriend or not because he is the jealous ( kind of ) type well at least he used to be... what do you guys think :) i mean ofc i would let my boyfriend see his old friend if he tolled me about her and stuff


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  • If you are in doubt, then the best course of action is not to go. There can be no trouble later if it gets to your boyfriend. I know jealousy should rear its head, but you don't want to poke it with a stick and bring it to life!!

    • Sorry. ... I know jealousy shouldn't...

    • yeah i mean i guess so... but he really is just a friend nothing more. thanks for your opinion :)

    • Have to agree with @Prof_Don You should speak to your boyfriend first. Be prepared for some fireworks if, as you say, he could be the jealous type. He might interpret your request as the first sign of you leaving him.

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  • i think its fine!


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  • Stop talking to us here on GaG.

    The person you NEED to talk to, is your boyfriend.

    To be blunt, it would look REALLY shady to see this guy without talking to your boyfriend first!


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