Any way to get my boyfriend to stop relying too much on me regarding exams and some research assignments?

Lately I've been dating my boyfriend for nearly 5 months. Only issue is that it's now been a while since he has gotten used to copying from some of my scantron exams, mainly math and sometimes language arts and biology. On math, his seat was assigned to be next to mine but on the two other classes that was the seat he chose.

Now lately, I've been doing two research assignments, mine and his (but changing some things so the teacher doesn't notice). But it's taking away lots of space for me and it's sometimes causing me to stay up later than usual. We get along fine but I guess it's gotten kind of harder saying no to helping him.

Without relying on me, I would say he's a B average student if he were trying hard and C+ without putting much effort.
And well last time thought I did get upset when he took the credit for a previous research assignment, in which the teacher ended up congratulating him and putting him the perfect 100% while mines got 93%.


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  • Stop doing his damn homework for him!! He's a big kid.. he can do it himself.

    I'm concerned that you are being used.

    • Yeah, I've noticed that he acts busy after school sometimes and this is the 3rd time he canceled a date.

    • Dump his ass. He's a jerk.

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  • sounds like he is using you. If you don't want to break up you need to put your foot down if he is seated next to you ask to change seats make sure he stays far so he learns to use his own brain. As for homework another simple answer Tell him no do your own. you can be willing on helping him get the research but don't do the work for him. Don't be his personal slave or a push over !

  • jutst tell him that he needs to do it on his own.


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