Good or bad relationship?

I'm in middle school and I just started to date this girl I've liked for a couple of months. We only have 1 class together and we don't have the same lunch, so we don't have many oppurtunities to talk. Usually I pass her in the hallways and we just smile at each other. We text each other a lot but we don't talk much irk. I really like her and she really likes me back but it's really awkward when we try to talk because we don't do it a lot. We held hands twice and we hugged like 3 times. Everyone says that we are perfect for each other, but I'm not so sure. is this a good relationship? or should I just break up with her?


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  • Why would you break up with her? If you like her then just stay with her.

  • Doesn't even sound like a relationship to me.

    • I don't know I'm not good with this shit

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