I want to be in a relationship, any help?

So I've been single for a while in high school. Since my sophomore year I haven't really ever dated anyone. Yeah, I play around (not sexually) like little dates, and such but I do want to actually be with somebody. I know I'm young and a lot of you will say, "whats the rush?" and "Just enjoy your life" and stuff, but I do want this, okay? I'm graduating this year and leaving for college in a month or two, not living in dorms, and I am super shy in person. Yes, I meet lots of people online and have met good friends online and we talk and stuff, but in person I am shy with women. I am good as friends, but past that I tend to wait too long to do anything cause I get shy and nervous then. So any help there? I mean I'd take dating sites as advice, though I'm more of a face-to-face type of guy. So any help with dating etiquette and stuff?


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  • Why you want be in relationship? You still young. Better continue n focus on your study, after that you can have good job, earn lot of money. After that girl will chase after you.

    • I don't know. Just bored of being single, you know? Yes, I'm young and all, but I wanna have some fun with a girl. I'm gonna be in college for the next 8-10yrs. by the way, cause of vet degree I'm going for and creative writing. I wanna focus AND have fun, get me?

    • Come on. Just calm down. I'm 26 also single. Just enjoy your life with friends n family. yeah I admit sometimes feel lonely, but it doesn't kill you. You need commitment , give and take for relationship. Sometimes relationship can break your heart more than being single

    • I guess you're right. Hopefully this slows down a bit in college.

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  • dude, there's no need 2 hurry... u r still young :)

    ok then.. if u still insist let me tell u, by being desperate... u won't come much successful :)

    • I don't come off as desperate, but shy, let me tell you.
      By the way, don't type like that. God, it looks stupid as hell.

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