Girls, Girls, Did she just miss the message or is she ignoring me (part 1 of 3)?

I'm 23, male. Student.

1. Until mid 2012 I had a average/little below average social life, but from then on I turned into a loner and lost touch with almost everyone I knew, except with 3 or 4 friends (and even those I only see them once in every 4 or 5 months).

2. 2 months ago these friends came to visit me where I'm studying which I tought was very nice of them. That day I realised I should try to get in touch with a few people I haven't seen since mid 2012 to know how they're doing. And so I did.

3. One of them is this girl I like very much. She was in my class back in first year in highscool (07/08) and the next year I stopped seeing her around. I later found out she changed to another school due tue having changed to an artistic course. Until mid 2012 I saw her 3 or 4 times, very briefly. And I didn't see her anymore from then on, although I kept an eye on her fb page to see a little of what she's doing in her life.


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  • She's ignoring you.


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