I don't know what to do?

I'm going to do this real quick. I dated a guy for 1 year and then I ended it because 1. everything had change 2. he didn't treated me like he used to and 3. he was really jealous. I met another guy and I think I just wanted someone to trust because I was now alone but then I liked him and I felt so awful because I broke up with the other guy and I felt like a whore because I liked the other guy months after I broke up with the other one. I stop talking to the guy I used to like and decided to talk to my ex again because I missed him so much. We are not dating but it feels like we are. I decided to date him when I feel like i was ready. I know I feel attracted to other guy and I want to be alone one because if i start to talk to that guy I'm going to like him and I don't want that.


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  • if u are not official with da other guy... better go back to yer X :)


What Girls Said 1

  • Then don't talk to the other one.

    • And if it's unevitable? I should probably leave the country

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