How to spot an attention seeking girl , talking from experience. ?

SO i wasn't the most experienced dude when it comes to girls and thats undestandable but then i met this girl she seemed nice, genuine, smart, cute and very similiar to me with very similiar priorities , however due to some issues and misuderstandings everything was over but we remained friends , she started changing into another person and doing weird things , i was sad even depressed for a while then when i found out how different she was i managed to overcome it and move on , we're friends now but i dont treat her the same or care as much anymore and its for the best, so i am here to help guys like me figure out if they're being used before getting too comitted to a realtionship so learn from my experience and enjoy.
how do you spot an attention seeking girl :

1-she takes and rarely gives, she asks for your help and compliment you on your skills and talents then asks for a favor even if it sounds simple or unimportant she is just using you.
2-very few girl friends and doesn't get along with most girls , she has mostly guy friends and guys around her, claiming they're less headache and drama than girls and that she's one of the boys and gets along with guys better and might even go as far as joking with these guys sexually , but the fact remains she likes the attention.
3-she obviously has a boyfriend or her eyes on someone or even both so at this point just cut the chase and leave her alone , dont be mean or anything... just leave her out of your dating circle and if she asks tell her you're not into girls who are into a realtionship.
4- if you ever get mad with her and start ignoring her , or if you're talking/flirting with other girls in her presencese she will be more willing to talk to you, be nice and get closer and try to make you like her again or try to get you away from these girls , but once thats achieved you're uninteresting... again , you're her ego boost so watch out for the signs.
5-the closer you are the father she gets no matter what you do or how you feel , she will always seem really distant no matter the good things you or how many times a day you make sure she's fine or the texts you send her , its all unimportant she will not give you any attention but will suck the attention out of you.
6-she seems really nice and a good person, trustwhorthy and even an attractive girl next door type of girl , genuine , real and down to earth not the kind to brag or show off and she seems to be really popular with guys they're all over her all the time , 70%-80% of her time is spent talking/hugging guys even the ones with GFs , yet at the end of the day she calls them her friend and nothing more no matter how hard they try.


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  • why dont you make this into a take?

    • hhhh i guess i forgot , i can do it now thank you.

  • Good read!

    • also one more thing i forgot to add :
      7- she's a tease as in she knows she won't sleep with you or date you but at the same time she has the most random excuses to show her skin , she would try lifting up her pant a bit to show her leg , show you her shoulder, back, stomach , ask you if her thigh looks and feels toned and if her waist is too wide while lifting her shirt , or showing you her percienngs , she , might even let you touch her once or twice but then thats it if you ever try touching her she will get away from you and no matter how hard you try she will never give it up , atealst not for you.

      at the end all i want to say is that i confronted her and made sure she realises that i know what she's trying to do i flat out told her and now she follows me not me, these girls may or may not realize what they are doing , nonetheless they're doing it so guys be careful to not be too committed to such girls, there are nice and genuine girls that are for you so enjoy your day and have fun.

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  • I think all guys at least fall for an attention whore early on in their ventures...

    I know I did and I am still dealing with her...

    What you said in your list is very true.

    #6 is the most true. Wow this is a normal down to earth good girl... and bam you find out she has been hiding a boyfriend and really using you for attention.


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