Girls, What is your idea of a perfect date?

Im not going on a date any time soon, im just curious of what kind of different responses I get. maybe get some ideas.

(My appoligies if this is one of those questions that have been asked a million times)

MHO to most descriptive I guess...


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  • dinner, movie, football game, hockey game, zoo, ice skating, exc...

    • All in one date?

    • um yeah you got 24 hours jk

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  • Right now I'm like seriously in love with my boyfriend and I would love to spend all day with him in bed, watching movies and TV, eating pizza and getting naughty

    • Thats awesome! sounds like a lucky dude. good luck to you both.

  • It depends. Let's start with your age and your date's age.

    • Im 23 and date is 20-25

    • Choose a fun place that compliments her interests and will give you both something to talk about. For example... First date with a guy and he took me to see an improv show. I told him in one of our first conversations that I was taking an improv class and his choice made me feel like he put some thought in. After the show we walked to a nearby bar and had drinks and a bite to eat. Was a great first date.

  • well dressed.. eating fast food... touching.. kissing.. fucking

    • Im liking the escalation rate of that date... haha

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