Clingy behavior problems?

Just curious what everyone thinks... Say you had an anxiety attack unknown to the person you were dating, with that anxiety giving the impression you were too needy, causing the relationship to disolve...
After walking away with no drama, and having no contact for 4-5 months.. would you have doubts you had it right?
Just curious before I bump into her at a function. I don't want to appear either a jerk, or too friendly


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What Girls Said 1

  • It doesn't matter anyway. You two have broken up, right? There is no need to bump into her or try to give her explanations. It is over.


What Guys Said 1

  • No don't bump into her. She'll think that it was your fault and now you realised that you can't live without her. But it'd depend upon her, she maybe a good girl.

    • What I mean was we will both be there, awkward moment unavoidable

    • Don't worry. Be yourself. You know you're right

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