If you have a no label/commitment relationship would you be honest with her/him if you're seeing someone else too?

So I am in this no label/commitment relationship aka friends with benefits. We've been seeing each other for a few months. I have told him that I met a guy and had sex with another when I was on holiday and I asked him if he is seeing anyone else instead of me. I think he does, coz sometimes he just disappeared and then came back to me. But each time I asked he said no, he told me he only seeing me and being sweet. I don't get it, I think he is lying to me. But why he is not being honest with me? I told him I am open minded and won't be mad if he is seeing anyone else. I just wanted him to be honest. What do you guys think of this situation?


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  • Only two things :-
    ●He's a afraid that you'd get mad and he doesn't wanna take risk.
    ●Your doubts are incorrect.


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  • In my experience, if you start worrying too much about an friends with benefits its time to leave. It doesn't matter if you are worrying about the usual 'is this more' or anything else.


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  • Honesty is the best medicine, but he probably don't want to hurt your feeling or risk it. Is this relationship of yours an open-ended relationship? He should come fort and be honest about it if it is


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