Been talking to a girl but didn't wanna meet?

Met this girl through tinder, got her number texted everyday. At one point I mentioned we should meet up once she gor back from school, she said that sounded great. We texted daily even when we were busy, hell even when we were drunk lol. She got back from school and I asked her to meet up, she replied she couldnt and that she was too tired, i understood and decided to try for next time. Spring break came along an she came back home again and I asked if she wanted to meet up an maybe get some food. She said she couldnt because she wanted to spend time with her brother which again understood she was away at school. I then told her to let me know when she was free for spring break, she said she would let me know asap. Eventually spring break ends and she didn't let me know or not to meet up even though we text all the time. I figure no big deal she has a life an is busy. One night she was hanging out with her friends and drunk texted me asking when we were going to meet? I told her once she gets back home again for the holidays (easter). I asked her to let me know when she was free for Easter break, she replied "I will (:". Easter break hits and she was home, she asked what i was doing and i replied i was getting food she then replied she would like to join me. I asked to meet up and she said "im too tired right now but honestly this weekend would be perfect (:". I was working the entire weekend but was more than willing to work around it. I told her what my work schedule for that weekend was like and she said "great! Im not sure what day but Ill let you know for sure when we could". weekend rolls around and no letting me know to meet up. I would have asked but to be fair I've always made efforts to meet up and she honeslty didn't. After that weekend we texted less she would ranomly stop answering and eventually just stopped talking to me. After all this Why would she talk to me for almost 2 months but not meet up? And eventualy just randomly stop talking to me?
Were both in college and she is who she says she is. We both follow each other on instagram and were friends on snapchat
Also there is only 1 possible reason why she didn't meet me. That is she's just either not ready an has trust issues, i say that because she had told me she was cheated on by her last boyfriend it really impacted her because her dad cheated on her mom around the same time. Thats the only reason on why but I could be wrong


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  • She's nervous. Definitely. She probably wanted to meet up but couldn't push herself into it because of the nerves. I have that too sometimes. Later she was probably kinda ashamed of it and then wasn't really into it anymore. It really sucks because there's really nothing you could do. It's her problem. Maybe give her a little break and then try to talk to her again.

    • Thats what I was thinking. She had told me she was cheated on by her last boyfriend and around the same time her dad cheated on her mom so im guessing both of those things impacted her pretty bad.

    • My guess she was just nervous or not really ready to meet someone

    • Yeah I think so too. Sucks for you though...

  • Catfish, she is not who she says she is or she's shy. Have you seen her face to face before?

    • I have not but we are both friends in facebook and we follow each other on instagram also were friends on snapchat. She'd snap me a lot of wherever she was

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