Dating tips will be great?

So I started catching up with a guy I really like. We briedly dated in the past but nothing went further because I wasn't ready. When I see him he tells me about our good times we had and tries to impress me.
How can I find out in a subtle way if he likes me? How long should I wait til I tell him how I feel?
Any advice or tips to impress him and make the dates memorable?
Oh and one thing. He talks a lot when I see him but doesn't talk much through text message.


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  • If you want to leave hints for him just say something like you want a date and then take it back like a joke. And if you want to know just ask one of the guy friends you trust and get thous guys to be friends so he can ask him without suspicion.


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  • He probably does already like you, or at least is definitely interested.

    • I got that picture too. He was teasing me in a cute funny flirty way.

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